Squirrel proof

It's a love/hate relationship we have with those furry teapots whose ingenuity is exceeded only by their Chutzpah. Thankfully, a number of feeders have been developed recently that are designed to keep the little devils in their place. (Also, please see Accessories page for information on squirrel baffles.)

The Final Answer
Yankee Flipper
The Droll Yankees Flipper

The Yankees Flipper is the definitive squirrel-proof bird feeder. Birds love it, but squirrels are flipped from the perch by a weight-activated battery operated motor. The Yankee Flipper recharges just like your cellphone, only the charge lasts for months. Come in and see the hilarious demo tape. You'll flip out!

Cardinals' Rule

Absolute II

Absolute II double-sided feeder

This steel fortress hosts birds galore, but squirrels are shut out when the spring-operated perches close off the feeding area. The Absolute Feeder holds 2 gallons of seed and may be pole-mounted or hung. Hardware included.

Masterpiece Feeder

Masterpiece Feeder

Masterpiece Feeder by Wren Products

This award-winning feeder is exquisitely detailed and artistically designed. The perches and seed ports are made of solid zinc. Cages are constructed of heavy-gauged steel with a rugged, baked-on powder-coated finish.

Squirrel Buster

Squirrel Buster

The Squirrel-proof Squirrel Buster from Brome Direct

This ingenious feeder foils red and gray squirrels, as well as hoggy big birds. Its' stainless steel and aluminum construction has a lifetime warrantee. No assembly required.

Sky Cafe

Sky Cafe

The A la Carte Mandarin Feeder

"The best bird feeder since St. Francis!" claimed one satisfied customer. Made from 100% recycled Plexiglas, the Mandarin Feeder sports a unique, patented baffle that makes squirrels the "fall-guys" every time.

Bird Sanctuary

Bird Sanctuary

Domed feeder from Droll Yankees

This domed feeder shields seed from the elements. Its sturdy wire cage excludes gray squirrels and larger birds and provides smaller birds with a greater sense of safety against predators when feeding.


Squirrel Arrow

Squirrel Arrow from Wood Country

This squirrel feeder doubles as a family entertainment center! Squirrels climb up to get a kernel of corn and spin around in the process. Keeps squirrels and kids of all ages occupied.

Bird Feeders

Not all birds are created equal; and so too it is with bird feeders. Knowing what feeder will attract which birds, and why, will help you choose the right feeder for your yard. Here are some examples that may help guide you in the process.


The Feeder section

Popular Choice Popular Choice

Tube-type feeders such as those made by the Aspects and Droll Yankees companies are proven favorites of small perching birds like chickadees, Nuthatches and Tufted Titmice. Made of super-tough polycarbonate, these traditional feeders are engineered for easy filling and cleaning.

Aspects Big Tube feeder with tray. Holds 3 pounds of birdseed.

Finch Favorite

In Spring and Summer, attract American Goldfinches with a separate feeder filled with niger seed. This inventive spiral design from BirdQuest is also a favorite of House Finches and chickadees. It has nine feeding ports and comes fully assembled.

Finches just love this BirdQuest spiral feeder
Spiral feeder


The Songview In-window feeder from The Birding Company brings birds right into your den, breakfast area or sunroom. Installs in minutes.
Window Magic

Yes, birds will come to feed at your window and we have many styles of feeders to choose from, including several with one-way mirrors where you can watch the birds, but they can't see you.

Window Magic feeder

The Galee Window Magic feeder...a favorite of cat lovers.

Classic Design Classic Design

While birds don't judge feeders on the basis of style points, these durable copper feeders from Conant Brass offer a classic design that will weather gracefully with time. The easy to lift roof makes refilling a breeze. The perfect gift.

This thistle seed feeder will be a haven for finches, chickadees and nuthatches.

Decorative Touch

Sometimes, the simplest designs make the best feeders. These hand-made copper feeders with glass accents are unique yet functional. Filled with mixed seed or sunflower hearts, they will provide hours of happy dining for smaller birds with hearty appetites.

This cherry design illustrates the delicate workmanship of these timeless copper pieces.
Decorative Touch

Universal Access Universal Access

Feeders with large platforms are particularly attractive to Cardinals, grosbeaks, bluejays and other bigger birds. They should be made from select 7/8" kiln dried white cedar and have removable screen trays to ensure proper drainage.

Feeders such as this one from Wood Country attract the widest variety of birds.

Copper Hopper

Hopper-style feeders such as these from Woodlink hold a lot of seed, a particular advantage in Winter. Each 12 oz. copper roof is individually cut, bent, hand-fitted and glued to promote exceptional wear.

Hopper 2
Hopper 1

We have over 25 hopper-style feeders to choose from at the store.

Hopper Insert

Based on early 1900s perfume bottles, these hummingbird feeders from Parasol include a red blown-glass flower at each feeding station.

Sweet Dreams

Hummingbirds travel 3000 miles each spring to return to the Northeast, often to the same feeding location. You can attract hummingbirds with a combination of red, nectar-bearing flowers, such as petunias, fuchsia or impatiens, and a feeder filled with sugar water. Come to the store for details.

The Oriole-Fest, the world's first feeder designed specically for Orioles.
Sweet Dreams

Global Swarming Global Swarming

This acrylic feeder attracts clinging-type birds like chickadees, finches, Nuthatches and the like. Its easy-flow funnel hopper holds 6 pounds of seed.

The Cling-a-Wing feeder from Duncraft has four feeding stations.

Excess Capacity

Hold everything. Here's a finch feeder you'll fill only once a week. Its triple tubes hold eight pounds of thistle (niger) seed. You will be rewarded by nonstop Goldfinch activity as they compete for perch time on this sturdily constructed feeder.

The Triple-tube finch feeder from Duncraft is great for weekend homeowners.
Excess Capacity

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