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Will Fitzpatrick

Following in his father's footsteps, Will Kirkpatrick began his career as a pharmacist. Today, he is one of the preeminent carvers of the region whose work is featured in many museum shops and, for many years, at The Decoy Shop in Concord. Now, For the Birds is proud to feature Will's work, which is carved and painted by hand in his shop in Hudson. Each piece is hewn from the best kiln-dried Eastern pine using the same tools and techniques of skilled old-time decoys makers. Therefore, no two pieces are exactly alike.

Chincoteague Merganser

Chincoteague Merganser - This red-breasted merganser was inspired by the rough carved decoys made by Doug Jester (1876-1961) of Chincoteague, Virginia. 13" long.

Martha's 'Tuckett Tern

Martha's 'Tuckett Tern - These birds fold their slim wings outside of their side feathers. 9" long.


Songbirds - The carefully developed skills of decoy making are easily adapted to the production of songbirds. Will Kirkpatrick's songbirds are fine examples of this work.
Robin, 9";
Cardinal, 8";
Bluebird, 6 1/2";
Titmouse, 6 1/2";
Chickadee, 5 1/2";
Nuthatch, 4 1/2"
Also available, Downy Woodpecker, 8".

Harbor Gull

Harbor Gull - Gunners have never hunted gulls, but gull decoys were often used as confidence birds in their set-ups. 12" long, glass eyes.

Nesting Piping Plover

Nesting Piping Plover - These frail sandpipers nest and rear their young on lovely sandy beaches where they compete with sunbathers for blanket space. Thanks to conservation efforts, they (the Plovers) are on the increase.


Killdeer - Named for its shrill call, the Killdeer is a well-known visitor to newly ploughed fields, mud flats, shore habitat and golf courses. Fore! 8 1/2" long

Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron - Hunters once used heron carvings as confidence decoys; they now stand gracefully in living rooms and hallways. Will's blue heron sports paintbrush fibers in the eye creat. 21" long, about 30" tall.

Country quail

Country quail - Bob-white Quail are the most sought after of all North American gamebirds. Their social life centers around the covey. If they are separated, the familar whistle, "Bobwhite," call strays back to the covey.

Birding & Gifts

Only 85 of North America's 650 breeding birds are cavity dwellers. The rest build their nests in trees, shrubs or in or on the ground. Cardinals, for instance, build their nests in dense thicket where they are unlikely to be seen or disturbed. As more space is lost to development, there is a real need to provide suitable housing for our cavity dwelling friends.

Pitcher Perfect

Allison Palmer's ceramic creations are truly a national treasure. Each piece is hand-made, signed and unique unto itself. In particular, her bird designs are whimsical, fun and fanciful. Check out her funky toothbrush holder.

Hen pitchers (7.5" X 5.5")
Pitcher Perfect

Bird Identiflier Know Your Birds

What was that birdcall, anyway? Now, quickly identify birdsongs with the press of a button. This ingenious device (you'll wish you invented) comes with two free digitized backyard bird cards. Build a library of birdsongs by adding more SongCards to your collection.

The "Birdsong identiflier". A great gift for budding birders of all ages.

Colorful Suncatchers

The process of making stained glass has not changed much over the centuries. The Renaissance Glass Company uses old world methods and materials, including the best glass chosen for its brilliance and color. We have a large inventory of designs that range well beyond birds. If you are looking for a Blue Jay, Goldfinch, Cardinal, Flicker, black lab, dragonfly, airplane, Heron, Nuthatch or Canada (don't call me Canadian) Goose, we've got 'em and many more.

Colorful Suncatchers

Bluebird Suncatcher

Chirp, chirp

It's springtime year 'round at For the Birds where the American Woodland sound tracks bring the busy sounds of the forest into the store. There are three tracks available on CD or tape. Succeeding tapes capture the lively activity of the meadow, forest edge and woodland environments.

American Woodland I, a snippet of which you are currently experiencing on this web site.
Natural Sound disk

High Fliers

Peggy Roth's imaginative and colorful flying creations will dress up any sunroom, breezeway, office or child's room. There are over 90 original mobiles meticulously detailed with woodburning, nontoxic paint and stain, and delicately balanced to "fly". Many bird species and other designs, including flying lobster and flying toaster!

Pictured: Flying moose, wingspan, 20"; pig, wingspan, 23"; Bald Eagle, wingspan, 40".
High Fliers

Personal Treasures Personal Treasures

These delicate treasures from Wild Things integrate enamel, silver and glass in pins, earrings and pendants. The result is jewelry of beauty and distinction that is both intricate and affordable. Many owls, butterflies and dragonflies.

Owl, silver with garnet 2 1/2"; dragonfly, silver and enamel, 3".

High Notes

Kitty Holman has a wonderful style that combines whimsy with color. Her imaginative designs evoke the simple pleasures and familiar scenes of another time. Our favorite card depicts cows in a meadow. The title is Pastureyes. Look for Kitty's popular gift tags at holiday time.

Pictured: Snack and Morning Glories.
High Notes


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